I want to break my wrist! Like right now at home? How to do it quick and easy?


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Ok so breaking your wrist sounds like a really cool idea. I mean, I don't know what your reasons are, but I'm guessing there's loads of awesome things that come with breaking a wrist or arm, right?

1. You get to take drugs for your broken wrist!

Yay! How awesome is that? You get hooked up to a morphine drip while in hospital, so you'll feel groggy and confused, thirsty all the time, and it'll make you want to throw up - especially if you haven't eaten much.

They also give you hydrocodone or a similar drug to take home - but that's not as good. It will take the edge off the pain a bit, but you'll be in a lot of discomfort and even doing simple things like moving around will be difficult.

2. You'll get lots of attention off people.

People will sign your cast at school, parents will pay more attention to you... For the first day.

After that, you're just the kid that can't undo their pants to go for a leak without some help. Everyone else is out having fun, and you're sat on your own feeling like a dork for having done this on purpose!

3. You get to have surgery

Great! More hospital trips, more expenses for your family (money they could have used on you instead).

But surgery is pretty cool right? You get pieces of metal screwed into your arm and stitches too...

Oh and your arm swells up and looks like something NOBODY is going to want to touch.

Especially after it's been in a cast for a while: Unwashed and stinky. Just think about how attractive that's going to look to all your classmates!

4. Time off school

Nothing beats sitting at home on your own watching daytime TV for a month or so. You don't have to worry about any of the stuff going on at school: What people are talking about, who is dating who, all the fun your friends are having.

On the flipside, you also don't have to do any of the school work you're missing out on until  you get back. In fact you might even be able to land an after-school tutor to help you catch up when you do make your return - which is usually worse than learning stuff in class with your friends around.

And then there's the chance you flunk anyway, and have to retake a bunch of stuff. Usually during the summer when everyone else has better things to do.

So I guess my point is, breaking your wrist on purpose is the lamest thing I have ever heard of!

If you really want to impress people and look cool, why don't you spend your time learning to do something that everyone will admire you for. I dunno what you're into, but here are some ideas:

  1. You could take break dancing lessons

  2. Learn to make websites
  3. Write a funny blog that gets loads of comments and attention

  4. Learn to play bass guitar and start a band (everyone knows bassists are the coolest)

  5. Take up a really cool martial art like taekwondo.

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Sorry, but breaking your wrist is not fun because you hav to get stitches!  I almost cut off my finger and getting stitches in my opinion was worse so take my advise.

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