How do I lose weight fast at home? I've been exercising and working out hard and dieting right now but still no changes.I want abs,to be fit.And I want to do it at home. So how do I do it?


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Sorry but there is no healthy "fast" way to lose weight. It took time to put it on and it will take time to take it off. You'll have to be patient. Just keep doing what you're doing, you'll start to see results. Make sure you're eating healthy and practice portion control. It's also important to give your body a little down time once or twice a week. It's not good to exercise seven days a week. If you do that you'll just end up hurting yourself..... Good luck (:

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Hi Joseph :)

Well, I have lost weight before and it's not too difficult provided that you do the right way.  I exercise a lot during week doing cardio and weight training.  I lost like 22 pounds so far.  But you do have to do it the right way.  You can lose weight quickly, but you have to know how to do it.  Here's a few tips that I do: 

1. Do cardio maybe 2 to 3 times a week.  This will increase your metabolism.

2. Drink a lot of water.  This will help mobilize the fat out of the body faster.

3. Do cardio for a few minutes per session.  Don't do long periods of working out.  Do short workouts.  Those type of workouts are best. 

I hope this helped you out some in your goal of losing weight.  


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Cristina Phelps , I am a fitness freak and love to stay fit., answered

weight requires patience .All of a sudden or once in a blue moon things doesn’t change
specially if its weight loss. It is good that you are excercising and taking
precautions in your eating habbits.If you really want to keep this as a long
term benefit, please take care of your health as well.Sometimes our body doesn’t
react if we overdo it. I would also suggest you to go for some diet consultants
who can guide well and which will also benefit you in the long run. 

I would
also say any clinic like “Renew Skin and Health Clinic" ,The Skin + Hair
Transplant Clinic" in Liverpool which would provide efficient results and
even save time at home.Exercise is good but too much exercise leaves you
lethargic. Crash diet cannot be a solution for flat abs. Another option would
be start becoming more active and do something which easily fits in daily routine.
The everyday physical activities required to be done in house is also counted
in burning the calories.

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