What Are The Benefits Of Jumping Jacks? Do The Tone The Entire Body? Would 50 Jacks 10 Times Aday Throughout The Day Be Beneficial?


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Jumping jacks are not meant to tone the body, so much as to get the heart pumping.Jumping jacks are used during the warm up phase of most exercises in order to prepare the muscles for more vigorous exercises.

Tae Bo for example has utilized jumping jacks as a warm up exercise, not because it tones the body but because it gets the body limber and ready for the actual exercises. It is true that you are using your arms and legs that can become slightly toned if you do a lot of jumping jacks, but it will only work to a certain degree.

If you were to do 50 jumping jacks 10 times a day you would lose weight. The fact that your heart would be pumping would help in that respect as you would be burning calories. With the movements of your arms and legs you are definitely using muscles; however, you are not using every muscle in the body or in these appendages in order to get them extremely toned.

For those that like jumping jacks, you could use it as a means to improve your body, but it should not be the only thing you do. Instead, the body is going to adapt to the one exercise so that the muscles reach a certain point and then stop getting more fit. You have to keep your muscles guessing as to how they will be used in order to get them extremely toned. It is far better to vary your routine than to stick with the same type of exercise such as jumping jacks.

Seek a professional trainer's advice about the best way to get your body toned with exercises you will enjoy.
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Of course any type of exercise you get is going to be beneficial, I would say that it would work your arms, legs and abs
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Jumping jacks came about for you to jump to get your heart rate going and the arms and legs spread to tone the inner arm and Outer leg up. Do your jumping jacks and you will see a difference in time.
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Yes it will tone your entire body but you can enjoy it very much.

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