What the best way to clean your system from meth in order to pass a saliva drug test?


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The only sure way to pass a saliva test for meth (methamphetamine) is not to take it for at least four days. The test can detect use anywhere from 1-4 days before.

However, there are several products on the market claiming to help either to pass the test with meth still in your system, or to speed along the detox process.

Whether these products work or not seems to depend on the person taking them, but the product 'Rapid Clear Spit Clean' comes with a 500% money back guarantee, which suggests a high success rate!

The website claims the product works quickly and lasts for half an hour. It's available to purchase here:


This site and others claim that the saliva test is easier to pass than both urine and hair tests.

If you don't want to fork out for products claiming to help you pass, there are several home remedies that have worked for others taking the test. It's important to note that home remedies can't guarantee results, as the tests often change and develop in order to stop discovered tricks from working, but have worked well for some people.

Eating an orange whole, including the skin, has helped some people pass without detoxing, which they attribute to the citric acid. The science behind this is dubious, but several people suggest it.

Drug Talk TV have put out some tips especially aimed at passing a drugs test for work, hosted by 'the people's drug testing consultant', which you can watch here:


Things to watch out for are products described as 'masking agents' as these can be dangerous for your health. Also any 'home remedy' suggestions that involve ingesting or rinsing with harmful chemicals.

Natural methods or products, such as those suggested above, have a higher success rate than methods which may cause serious injury to yourself.

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How to pass a saliva test for Methamphetamine

It may depend on the brand of drug test administered, but generally metabolites of methamphetamine can be detected on someone's tongue and saliva secretions for around 24-36 hours.

If you have taken meth in the days leading up to the saliva test, I have heard that smoking cigarettes and eating certain types of food can mask the methamphetamine metabolites.

Personally, I wouldn't risk it though.

Here's also a useful little video if you're interested in how long meth stays in your system:

Of course, it goes without saying that the best way to pass any drug test is to kick the habit entirely.

But, while you're working on getting clean, the the above information should help you overcome those pesky saliva tests without too much trouble.

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I'd say wait this one out, clean up and try another opportunity. Or pray, whichever seems more plausible. Basically, don't do meth and your life will be better. I suggest  you Natural home remedies through this you get more results about herbal remedies .

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