Can I Be Sexually Active If I Have A Yeast Infection?


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Yes you can but you will only pass the infection to your partner and you both will need treatment,why not clean yourself up first,no hard feelings,but that seems a bit nasty to me to even want to get another person involved with a infection.....OMG
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carol washington
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I would say wait, but if you do engage in sex, please use condoms so your partner has a chance to avoid infection.
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You need to wait and take the medication and treat your yeast infection before being active. Or else, you will just pass it on to your partner.
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Yes, but that is a stupid thing to do you know it is 'yeast' infection?  If you have yeast infection, you would be itching and burning so bad in the area that you wouldn't even want to have sex.  Better get to a doctor fast.   Thanks for the question.

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