How can I knew that my girl is happy when we am having intercourse, and if she is enjoying the sex?


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Ask her! You can't improve anything, including sex without information, learn your partner, talk to her!

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Know her body language. Does she look like she's enjoying it and trying as hard as she can not to moan from pleasure?  Or does she sound like one of those banshees from a p0rn0 movie?

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So blur tit is having us check our bad words now, eh?
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I think so. I had another question about the 3 letter word. I used the words for having an O, the 3 letter word itself, and a word that rhymes with jibberish and it said I needed to check my wording.
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Yes. They appear to have an issue with items that vibrate. If they are identified as such.
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Talk with her. Let her know her pleasure during times of intimacy is really important to you. Oh. And make sure she has a v1brator. Have her use it before and during. Maybe even after.

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