How Many Calories Are In Malibu Rum With A Diet Coke?


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A Malibu and diet coke contains 51 calories (based on a 1oz serving shot of Malibu).

The diet coke itself contains no calories, making this a very low-calorie drink.

If you were to mix your Malibu with regular coke, you'd be adding around 140 calories to your drink.

How many calories are in a Malibu and coke?

Malibu is a Barbados-based coconut flavored rum, but - although it is relatively low in calories (especially considering its sweet taste) - I'm not sure it's the most sensible drink to get drunk on.

My thinking behind this is based on the fact that Malibu is around 21% alcohol by volume - whereas a spirit like vodka can reach over 40%.

This means you will have to drink twice as much Malibu as you would vodka to have the same effects.

If you're looking for some low-calorie drinks that include Malibu, then the following are ones I've tried and liked - and I'm sure you'll love them too!

  • Malibu and fresh orange juice
  • Malibu and diet lemonade
  • Malibu, fresh lemon and lime juice, and soda
  • Malibu, grapefruit juice and a (small) dash of grenadine
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390 calories.

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