Any Diet Suggestions For Women With PCOS?


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Eating healthy and balanced diet is very important for a woman suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Basically, battling the symptoms comes down to weight loss.
When you put on weight, it is the insulin in your body that makes you store energy as fat.

If you loose weight, your PCOS symptoms will start to disappear.
Check out the list below to see what you should and shouldn't be eating:

What to eat if you suffer from PCOS
The following are food types that will help relieve the symptoms of PCOS:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegeatbles (not potatoes though, they are too starchy!)
  • Whole grains 9think wheat pasta, brown rice, brown bread)
  • Fiber-based cereals
  • Sugar-free food & drinks

On the other hand, the following are foods that you should probably give a wide berth:

  • Syrup
  • Anything overly sweet (that includes syrups, candy, cakes, cookies... Pretty much all the good things!)
  • Soda and fizzy drinks that contain sugar
  • High-starch vegetables potatoes and corn

Keeping a balanced diet, coupled with a healthy and active lifestyle, is the best way to combat the symptoms of PCOS.

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