Whenever I'm trying to lose weight I start to get hungry in between meals. I always end up giving up and thinking that there is no point in continuing because I'll never be slim. All I want is for this horrible feeling to stop over coming me but how?


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I think you should try to drink protein shakes before or after workouts (preferably muscle milk). This way you'll won't get hungry between meals. Btw they come in different flavors :)

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You might try eliminating wheat and sugar from your diet for awhile. Wheat is a food that isn't filling but it is fattening, sugar increases the appetite.

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Losing weight can be a very tricky challenge. Especially since it all depends on your diet and your workout routine. What are your goals that you are trying to achieve in weight loss? Most people tend to give up easily because they don't have a strict diet and workout plan that they can stick to. Set up a goal for yourself and see if you can start counting your calories that you are consuming per day. Figure out first how many calories it takes for your to maintain the current weight that you are at and then try eating 150-300 calories per day or so less than what is recommended for you to stay at that weight.

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The best advice I've given is to never go on a diet where you have to consume such small portions that you are left feeling hungry. Rather, before and after every meal drink two glasses of water. People always mistake hunger for thirst. Also try making low calorie soups for you to eat inbetween meals. Try herfeastandfamine.com/asparagus-soup/ . It makes a ton so you can snack inbetween meals to feel satiated

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