I had my period the end of sixth grade. Seventh grade comes and I haven't been having my periods. Now it's been three years since I haven't had it. I'm still a virgin and I don't want to take birth control pills. What should I do?


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It is possible that your cycle just isn't regular.  Many things, including stress, weight loss/gain can cause a woman to stop having her period for awhile.  If it goes on for a quite awhile, you should see your healthcare provider to see what is going on.  Sometimes they do prescribe certain hormonal medications (in the form commonly called birth control although they are used for much more than just that).  That choice is up to you and your healthcare provider though.

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If you are slightly built, underweight into sports etc you may get it at 14 or 15 which trust me is a blessing.  Maybe you had spotting in 6th and it wasn't really a period, that happens too. Teenagers get period anxiety but shortly you will wish it never came. Don't rush it.

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