I Had Unprotected Sex And Haven't Got My Period I Went To The Doctor And Had A Pregnancy Test And It Was Negative. What Is Happening, I'm So Confused And I Want To Be Pregnant?


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If you've unprotected sex then it does not mean that you shall get pregnant. There is a natural phenomenon to save a woman from getting pregnant. Moreover to get pregnant it is necessary that the egg of woman get a spermatozoa their mingling will make the zygote and then the whole procedure will start. So first of all, you don't need to worry about this.
Now I should also tell you what the natural phenomenon is that prevent you from getting pregnant. Usually the menstruation cycle in a woman contains about 28 days.

In the first 14 days, no egg is released from the ovary to interact with the male sperm. After 14 days it releases the eggs in that case the male sperm can interact the egg and a woman can get pregnant. Hence if a woman has had sex after the menstruation while the eggs were not released by the ovary then in this case she can not get pregnant. She is saved by a natural cycle even if she had unprotected sex. So this can be case with you. You can have more relations with your partner to get pregnant.
And don't worry about it. You don't have any problem.
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This question is 2 years old, has there been any luck yet? Please let us know if congratulations are in order or over due...the best to you

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