Which Panties Can Men Wear?


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An interesting question and one where the answer is in the groin of the wearer. There are several excellent online retailers that cater to panties for men. These include hewearspanties.com, where there is a forum and several articles and guides about men’s lingerie, fancy-panties.com which grants a free panty with a fifty-dollar purchase and free and fast Shipping and Handling, xdress.com, which caters to transvestism fantasies and manties.net. The latter website lists briefs of every kind and has on its homepage this text: "For those nights and days when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty and very sexy, these Manties are for you. Once you have them on, it will be "hard" to take them off. They are made of nylon and have the extra room where you need it, for the most comfortable fit there is. Once you try a pair, you will wonder why you never tried them before. If you wear them all the time, or if you wear them only for a little fun, you will find that these were made for you with the comfort that you want. They make a great gift for any guy. People have bought them for that wedding night, for stag parties, birthday presents, anniversary gifts, retirement parties, for that special night together, and just to wear every day because they are the most comfortable and softest underwear a man could ever have. You won't find a better deal anywhere; we offer MANties® that range from plain to lacey [and] we even have a complete ‘days of the week’ assortment.
For even more customization, take a look at our embroidery section. You can have anything you want embroidered on them…anything.” Pantiesformen.com, meanwhile, based in California, are very experienced and have a very thorough website. All the aforementioned websites have FAQs and contact functions and are willing to answer all your questions with regards to style and size.
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Men can wear what they like if they feels nice .male or female underwear is up to the person wearing them .If they turn you on then all the better
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Wearing panties usually starts with sisters or moms panties.  You need to go by trial and error to find the style and brand that fits you.  Panties are made to fit a female form, not the male.  Go shopping and buy a few so you can figure out which type and size are best for you.  The wider the crotch the better.  By the way, thongs on guys are ridiculous.
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Oh I don't know, I have a thong that my mommy embroidered with a scarlet T. I think it looks quite elegant. I often wear it to the day care center where I work.
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High wasted panties are the best for guys I think if you wear jeans bikini panties are not the thing for guys it noticeable
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He can wear what he wants to. My girlfriend likes me to wear her thongs and bikinis all the time! She likes to take my underwear and hide them from me where I have to wear hers but to answer the question I guess I'd say either thongs or bikinis
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Yes! The sexy ones! Tanga panties and tiny thongs for my guy!! -the same models with the ones that i wear. Never thinking of boxers, briefs, granny, or everything big and not sexy!
Liza Ling
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Yes! The sexy ones! Tanga panties and tiny thongs for my men, the same that i wear. Never think of boxers, briefs, granny, or everything big and not sexy!
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Choosing panties should be a wonderful experience. There have never been more choices available. No more plain Jane panties! With all of the choices of fabric, colors and cuts available it can be hard to choose! Its a wonder why men want to wear womans panties, look at all the choices you have in styles, fabrics and colors. Men can wear any panties they like, just as with woman men have there favorites and the ones they dislike you will find men who love wearing thongs and others who hate wearing thongs, or you will find men who like wearing cotton and others who hate wearing cotton. A great place to check out is mwpclub.com its a community for men wearing panties and I visit it often and its fun to read all the stories and check out what others are wearing.
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Any kind really. I've tried every style. Also depends on mood and climate. Some are to feel really sexy or flirty, Some for winter time and support. Depends on my mood, Occasion, Dress, Or what activity I'm doing.
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I prefer the full brief as I like to have my bum covered and they offer me good support in vital area's, also like hi cuts, just be sure to get the right size as when I first started wearing panties I assumed because I wore small/ medium in y fronts it would be the same in panties but it is not, also with panties you can buy large in one brand and they fit great but large in another fall off or maybe are way to tight
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Speaking for myself and my own experiences, guys should wear panties that have a wide crotch.  In addition, hi-cut or full cut briefs offer the best coverage.  If you are not a sissyboy, but a true panty fetishist, then I recommend plain panties, without any lace or other decorations/accessories.  Look for panties that are "gender neutral"
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If you are not a sissy, but a straight fellow, might I suggest nylon hi-cut panties.  Vanity Fair and Adonna make some very nice hi-cut panties.  They both have a wide gusset to accommodate male genitals.  The elastic on the legs and waist are not made with pico stictching.  You can get them in dark colors.  So, if you want to wear panties, but are concerned that you don't want to be construed as a sissy, definitely go with Vanity Fair or Adonna hi-cut nylon panties in solid, dark colors.  They look like underware that European men wear.
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I wear mostly thongs. It took wearing them a few time to get used to them. Now I find them to be very comfortable. Most of mine come from 99 cents stores. The selection is almost unlimited and for a buck each, it is hard to go wrong. I like ones with lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, etc. The sexier the better. I look and feel great in them.
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I like all kinds of women panties, the best is vanity fair. Look for them in clearance racks. The only panty I refuse to purchase is cotton. Panties is a trial and error deal for me. Also love sears line for panties
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The sexy ones! Tanga panties and tiny thongs for my guy!! -the same
models with the ones that I wear.
Never think of boxers, briefs,
granny, or everything big and not sexy!
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wear what  you want don't care what others think about what you wear just be yourself

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How about ones with cute sayings on them like "I love my mommy" "I stole these off your clothes line"
"don't laugh these belong to your daughter" What would Arnold say if he saw me?" "Hi there mr
ambulance man be careful where you cut with those scissors"
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I love Vanity Fair panties. Nylon and pastel colors. They do have print panties but hard to find at the stores. I have good luck at Sears and JC Penny.

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