What Percentage Of Men In The U.S. Wear Women's Panties?


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About three year ago some psychology resarch group undertook a study wher men were anonymously asked. I wish I still had the reference but what I remember follows:

It has been determined that at least 75% of men have tried on panties at some time and data shows that 25 to 30% of men wear panties every day. Simple logic implies that some number of men between 75% and 30% wear panties sporadically to regularly.
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There are more men wearing panties out there than we think. I would conservatively guess 20%.
I think that many men are buying their panties online, avoiding the fear of shopping for them out in public. I prefer to buy them at a store, rather than online. Nothing beats seeing the merchandise right in front of you, and deciding if that particular panty is right for you or not. And sometimes you get awesome deals on nice panties on the clearance rack, that you can't get online. As I've said before, occasionally I will see another man in the panty section picking out panties as well. But, I don't know how I would translate that to a percentage. I do know, that many men have made panty comments on EVERY website that I have shopped on for panties. I have noticed that Manties and Brief Tales online are catering to panty wearing men, and I recently saw a HerRoom sponsorship ad on a forum for men wearing panties, so maybe there is some momentum building on panty wearing.
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Percentage may be high, but also how high is the percentage of men who wants to wear women panties? I love wearing women panties, also wear them for other reasons also.
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Haven't heard, but I would say that if they did do a survey monthly it would always go up and up!
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I do not think one can put an exact percentage on how many men wear panties, or a number on how many men wear panties. But the fact is that alot of men wear panties, and more and more men are expressing that they wear panties every day. Some men have worn panties since they were growing up and are just now feeling comfortable expressing that they like wearing panties, and there are lots of men who have worn panties for years but have yet to express that they enjoy wearing panties, other men have only recently started wearing panties, some feel comfortable expressing they wear panties and others do not. Its great that more men are expressing they enjoy wearing panties, it helps those who have yet to express they wear panties be able to someday express that they like wearing panties. So the numbers of men wearing panties are much higher than one thinks because of the nature of wearing panties and those who feel as if they cannot express they like wearing panties. Our society is becoming more and more understanding to what others enjoy, and that includes men wearing panties. No longer does our society quickly jump to conclusions when they think of men wearing panties, they are much more accepting. There is a community mwpclub.com which is for men wearing panties, they have been around for years and years, I believe they were the first men wearing panties community and they have helped to bring understanding, awareness to why men wear panties and have helped many men wearing panties be able to tell there wife they wear panties, girlfriend they wear panties. Me and my wife have visited that community for several years now and made lots of great friends there, and we have helped give advice to many men wearing panties who have been searching for ideas, tips, suggestions on how to tell there wife they wear panties, or to tell there girlfriend they wear panties, and we are always so happy to see other men wearing panties no longer having to hide that they wear panties and being able to enjoy wearing panties with there wife or girlfriend. Its communities like the one we mentioned that show that there are lots and lots of men wearing panties, they come from all over the world, and from all backgrounds, its nice having a place to go and be around to many other men wearing panties who can relate to why you wear panties.

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So if so many men enjoy wearing panties why have all the manufacturers gone away from making the bold stitch panties that supported men so well ?  The latest panties are so into avoiding panty lines.

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