Can you take baking soda to pass a drug test?


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Why are you taking baking soda? Hopefully you are not ingesting large amounts of baking soda, it cannot have ill effects on your health....

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Consuming baking soda in order to pass a drug test is a total myth, and it's actually a really dangerous thing to do. There have been cases of people dying from consuming large quantities of baking soda. 

The best thing you can do to pass a drug test is to not take drugs in the first place.  That's the simple truth.  Having said that, there are some other methods that people are willing to try, and these are also certain to fail.  Here are a few of the most common drug test myths.


One of the most common misconceptions about drug tests is that you can avoid detection by drinking lots of water.  The theory is that the large quantities of water will flush out any remaining toxins.

In reality, toxins don't simply end up in your urine.  It's a much more complex process that also involves your metabolism, and drinking water will simply make you need to urinate more frequently.  It can also be very dangerous to drink too much water.


Some people have been led to believe that you can take asprin before a drug test in order to pass.  This is completely false, and the asprin will show up on the test alongside the banned substance.

Detox drinks

There are numerous detox drinks on the market these days that claim to help people pass drug tests.  In reality, they're simply very expensive drinks that will do nothing of the sort. 

The only way to ensure you pass a drug test is to remain free from drugs.

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