I Am Pregnant And I Have A Burning Sensation Under My Tummy On The Left Side. What Should I Do About It?


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Julii Brainard answered
Keep in mind, advice you get on Blurtit is not from qualified health professionals. So this is just a personal, reasonably educated and experienced mother's thoughts:

If it's mild discomfort, then just try to keep comfortable and ask your Midwife (or doctor) when you next see her (or even him).

If it's sharp pain or just bothering you too much, then phone NHS direct (0845 4647) to get reassurance. Else phone your health care provider in the USA.

By under the tummy, I assume you mean under the bump. Because if it was above or in the bump, I'd think it was heartburn! If it could be, you might need to experiment with what you eat and eating smaller amounts at a time.

Under the bump makes me think round ligament pain.
Your belly is held onto the rest of you by very strong ligaments. If these are feeling strained, they can ache a bit, not unlike a burning sensation. They are a bit of a warning to take it easy. But they don't suggest any risk at all to the baby.

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