I have been doing six pack exercises for 4 weeks now, 15 minutes a day to be precise, but for some reason I have the starting of a six pack only to the right side of me - but not as much in my left side. I weigh around 46 kg and I am about 5ft8. What do I do?


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First off, I love your avatar! It's the boy from bleach right? I'm still watching bleach on Hulu!

Anyways I've heard of muscle imbalances before. My right arm has harder biceps because I brush my teeth for so long. Lol

Even though you might be doing crunches, that use both sides at once the stronger side will compensate. Maybe someone could watch you or videotape you to see if one side is more elevated. If you do have a muscle imbalance you're going to half to target each side one at a time. For example side planks. Do each side for the same amount of time and reps. :) hope I helped

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Thank you for the good answer this has been bugging me for a time and yes dude it's hanataro the cutest member of 4th division or all of gotie 13 for that matter lol , also I'll try to just go more hard on my left side if this is the case as the workout regime I am trying has me do variouse excerises each for 20 seconds eventually going back in the cycle and doing the first one I did this process goes on for 15 minutes
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Good luck!

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