Can ebola be cured?


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Although Ebola can't be cured at the moment, scientists are working on a cure and also a vaccination. As you know, there have been survivors, so treatment is working in some situations.

Treatments available at the moment are just of the supportive kind - IV drips and blood pressure medication, breathing apparatus and blood transfusions. Survival, right now, is down to the age and general fitness of the patient but luckily it is not an easy disease to catch.

It is not contagious until symptoms are obvious and by then, people are so sick that they are unlikely to want to think of kissing or having sex, which are two of the ways it can be passed on.

Apparently, all the top scientists in the world are working on a cure for Ebola, and they expect to have made a significant breakthrough by the end of 2014.

Ebola is a very scary disease, and the fatality rate is devastating, but there will be a cure and a preventative injection soon, so hopefully we can wipe this disease from the face of the earth totally, as we've managed to do with diseases throughout history, such as the black plague and smallpox.

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