How long does a bruised kidney take to heal after a fall?


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Doctors usually diagnose the existence of a renal injury when there are clear history of impact in the lumbar region or when they detect an open wound that area. Anyway, the most important thing is to make an assessment of the damage and the consequences of trauma, a key to determine the appropriate therapeutic action point. For this, radiological and ultrasound examinations and, in some cases, an  computed tomography should be performed. Sometimes, the patient should be hospitalized until get the test results, because before these can not always accurately determine the severity of the situation.

Mild Renal injury does not require a special treatment in addition to the administration of analgesics to relieve pain, and rest to promote rapid healing of the lesions. In moderate and severe injuries, taking into account that it is necessary to monitor the functioning of the kidneys and resolve any immediate problem, it is customary to hospitalize the patient for surveillance. In some cases, especially in severe trauma, it may be necessary to use several types of surgical techniques to repair damaged tissues and / or extract bruises or blood clots formed inside or outside the kidney. Sometimes, surgery is an emergency situation which may depend on the future functioning of the kidneys and the patient's life.

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