How Long Does A Sprained Ankle Take To Heal?


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Depending on the severity, it can take several weeks--up to 6. I have sprained the same ankle too many times to count over the years. The last few times they actually splinted it. Make sure and keep it elevated as much as you can. When you are at home try and keep it propped up. It will keep any swelling down and may make it hurt less. Good luck
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Without more information, that is hard to answer. Is the broken ankle on a child or elderly>Is the ankle splinted?   Has the person reduced activities that require the use of  lower extremities? Have they been properly shown, or taught how to exercise without additional pressure on the ankle? Is the person well nourished?
Your pain from the sprain may cause discomfort years from now in the form of arthritis or brittleness of the bone. As for now I would follow my doctors instructions for healing. Wishing you well and painfree soon!
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My mom is notorious for spraining her ankle almost every summer since my dad died, so I
am thorough on the subject.
A sprained ankle, depending on how bad it is, will take anywhere from 1 - to four weeks for it to heal. It can take longer if it is really bad. 2
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I had a friend who thought he sprained his ankle,it hurt for like three 1/2 weeks and it was swollen that long so...,he finally went to the Dr. To get an Xray turns out he had a hairline fracture and needed a cast,I twist my ankles a lot so now I don't wear high heels anymore it usually took a week1/2 for all to be in good walking order.Two weeks is a long time.I'd have it checked just to be on the safe side.

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