How many people smoke weed in the United States?


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Over 94 million US citizens have *admitted* to smoking weed. The figure of actual smokers is thought to be at least ten times that, because who's going to admit to smoking weed in a survey, right?

Much of the weed imported to the United States is produced in Mexico, and our southern neighbor is paying the brunt of the "war on drugs" via the gang warfare that has consumed places like Juarez.

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It's difficult to say for sure how many people in the United States smoke weed... All the data we have is based on surveys which may or may not reflect the reality of Americans' smoking habits.

However, the National Survey for Drug Use and Health published the following figures:

  • 18.9 million admitted to smoking marijuana in the past month
  • 47% of people said that they had tried marijuana at some point.

Attitudes and usage is also expected to shift - several states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and DC) have moved to legalize marijuana.

There are also many states that have decriminalized possession of small amounts, while marijuana as a medical treatment is now recognized by many other states...

Forbes even published an article earlier this year claiming that legal marijuana startups were "hot property" in 2015 (

What do you make of all this? Should smoking weed be legal? Is it a harmful drug? What would the effects of legalization be?

It looks like we may soon find out the answer to all these questions...

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