What is the best home remedy to cleanse marijuana from your system in two days?


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Hi, Two days is little tough though, I suggest you look on the internet for ways to stop.

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THC, the active chemical found in marijuana, is stored in your body in fat cells. The amount of time after smoking (or ingesting) the drug that it can be detected varies depending on a number of lifestyle variables- particularly how regularly you take the drug. If you are a frequent user, then I doubt that it would be possible to completely remove all traces within 48 hours.

However, there are a few things you can do to speed up the natual process of cleansing marijuana from your system...

There are a number of home detox remedies you can try to give it your best shot. Here is the best way to try with the time scale you have:

Try eating lots of red meat as early as possible to increase your creatine levels (most tests will also test your creatine levels to ensure that your urine is not diluted), then an hour or two before the test drink a glass of water every 15 minutes or so. Don't drink more than about a liter. It can be dangerous to drink too much water in a short space of time.

When it is time to give your sample, take it towards the end of when you go to the bathroom. This will remove the chance of testing older urine which has a higher-concentration of metabolites which will show up the THC.

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It's not gonna work.

I know *somebody* who simply got their girlfriend to pee in a corked tube, hid it in their pants, and passed.

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