What's The Best Way To Get Cocaine Out Of Your System Quick?


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Drinking as much water as you possibly can, will help remove cocaine from your system fast. Other liquids that will help are orange juice and vinegar, which helps your body detoxify and release any toxins through urination. You can also resort to taking diuretics such as coffee, but there are special detoxification kits that you can purchase that will help get rid of any trace of cocaine in your system.

Cocaine is a very dangerous and highly addictive substance that you must avoid at all costs. It provides a temporary joy or high, but has some serious side effect such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Taking large doses can even cause one to slip into a coma and even die, even if it’s your first few times to take it because not everyone’s bodies may be used to taking cocaine. Men under 40 are also at high risk of the dangers of cocaine, as the substance can cause a stroke due to a malformation in the arteries and the transmission of oxygen to the brain.

Another danger of cocaine is its effects on the nose, as this is taken through inhalation. The nose’s septum can result in being damaged or perforated due to extreme use, which is why regular cocaine users tend to suffer more from nose bleeds while in severe cases the septum can be dissolved entirely. A person with a constantly runny nose is one of the biggest signs that a person may be addicted to cocaine.

Most users also combine cocaine and alcohol, a common mixture which has other side effects on its own. This can severely damage the liver as cocaine users tend to have a difficult time noticing how much alcohol they are ingesting as the effects of cocaine tend to prolong the time one becomes intoxicated. The best thing to do is to avoid cocaine entirely.
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Drink like 1 gallon of water or you can also drink a glass of vinager to thin your blood which the drug will then leave sooner
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Drinking plenty of orange juice and cranberry juice, and flush yourself out with plenty of water - you will have to drink a few litres.
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Lots of fluids keep pissin. Exersize keep sweating get as many fluids in you and then out of you
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Drugs get out of your system through your metabolism, which takes time. There is no way to get any drug out of your system quicker. Cocaine stays in the system 3 days with one time use and 5-7 days with daily use.
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gallons of green tea and  over exercise so that it passes out through your urine and sweat. : /

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BY NOT TAKING IT TO BEGIN WITH!! Did you know it can cause you to have heart attacks with just a minimal dose? Yep, you can flatline and never come back from it. Hope this helps.

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