Should I let my ex be in the birth room with me and has he got any rights when the baby is born to take it away from me?


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Connie Cronier answered

It depends, if your ex wants, and is going to have a relationship with your child. If so, I would prob allow him in during the birth for the reason that I believe it has a bonding effect when the man actually witnesses the birth and is there when the baby takes his/her very 1st breath of air. 

Regardless of your personal feelings towards him I'm sure that if he is going to have a relationship with his child you would want it to be the most positive one it can be right? As for can he take the child from you, he certainly has a right to try to gain custody in a court of law. He can go for full custody or joint custody. That said, unless he has a case that can prove you to be unfit or unstable it is highly unlikely that any judge will grant him custody. The courts will not separate mother and child just because...there would have to be some pretty serious and believable evidence brought forth in order for that to happen. 

So I wouldn't get to stressed about it. is even more unlikely for a judge to separate you from your child for even a full day if you are breast feeding *wink* it's pretty hard to cut off a baby's food supply. Just sayn....

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Thank you just feel so stressed out he hasnt been to any mid wife appointments hes been to the scans but he wanted to know the sex and I didnt so he kicked off about that. He hasn't been there to listen to babys heart beat. I've brought all clothes nappies ect. Plus he's wrapped up by his mum as she thinks no one is good enough for him,  none of the family have bothered. So I don't want hin in the room with me. Because of all this I think I have a fair point tbh xx

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