I am 20 yrs. My problem is that my periods stays around for about a mont, and more than that. I would like to know what sort of problem I have and what should I do to get rid of it?


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It sounds like you have polycystic ovaries. It is now quite common among women and no one knows why it happens. If you are overweight, you can cure this problem with regular exercise and by eating healthier. Otherwise, the doctor usually prescribes hormonal meds to help you. 

This is not something you can take without meeting a doctor though. So just get an ultrasound done and see if your ovaries are okay.

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You may want to get a thorough GYN examination. If that is okay then perhaps trying birth control pills might help you regulate it. Good luck.

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Your problems seems to be low level of progesterone (most probably). PCOD won't present with such features ( Very rare). Better get your hormonal profile completely. You might need hormonal pills depending on that. Supplementary USG pelvis will be more helpful.

Check LH, FSH, TSH, progesterone levels.

I can suggest more if I know your  weight.

Be happy.

Dr. Ravindra

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