I Have A Boil On My Testicle Sack And Want To Know What To Do To Get Rid Of It?


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Boils are painful red skin irritations that are caused by bacteria under the skin.  The nature of boils is painful enough without adding the delicate locations they tend to appear in.  The best way to avoid the pain of a boil is to avoid getting them if at all possible.  Keeping your skin clean and exfoliated, avoiding clothing that rubs or irritates areas prone to boils and good nutrition are a good first line defense against these types of skin irritations.  Once you have a boil, you should take care to treat it if possible but also know when to go to the doctor to have it looked at.  Warm moist compresses are the favored method of ridding yourself of a furuncles or carbuncle when they appear. 

There are two types of boils, a carbuncle which is a group of boils clustered together and a furuncle that is a boil that has infected a hair follicle.  Neither of these is pleasant experiences to have but furuncles have an advantage in that they are usually caught in the early stages and treated sooner. 

If at any time a boil becomes hard or hot, a doctor should take a look at it.  They will usually lance the boil with topical or general anesthetic and sterilized equipment, drain the pus and related tissue that has formed the boil, have a sample of the pus that is present to aide in proper antibiotic prescriptions, flush or wash out the area that contained the pus and pack the area with gauze.  While this may sound painful, it’s generally far less brutal than waiting for a boil to open on its own once its’ infected (indicated by being hard and hot).

Dealing with the sensitivity of the area and the pain that it is likely causing, a boil on your tentacle sack should be dealt with in the doctor’s office.
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This happend to me and they put a needle in it to numb it and then cut it open. After they stuffed it with something. It sounds bad and it was extremely painful but it's better than waiting fa long time for it to burst
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If you don't want to go see a physician, then there are three options: The 1) use a hot pack because that'll bring the swelling down. 2) this is an old remedy-use the shell of an egg since it contains the lining to bring it to a head. 3) use a solution called camphophenique. It can be found at walmart in the pharmaceutical vicinity or go to a drug store. It may sting a little bit. But it'll work. The three options I gave you are good, but there is a strong possibility that da boil will go away and then REANIMATE so I highly recommend that you go to the doctor because they have antibiotics to kill the boil because what you have a merely an infection in that area. Also, when you shower MAKE SURE that YOU KEEP THAT AREA COMPLETELY DRY . USE CORNSTARCH OR ANY TALC POWDER TO KEEP THE AREA DRY. TRY TO USE FRAGRANT FREE POWDERS. IT WORKS THE BEST!
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Warm water with a cloth will bring the boil out
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Get a lancing kit,sterilize the needle site.poke the center of the boil,squeeze a little.apply hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment 3 times daily,keep covered and moist until boil gives or fades.
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I had one about a year ago. I tried squeezing it but initially it was way too saw. About two days later a sharp whitehead appeared and I gently squeezed it. I couldn't believe how much puss came out. It has not re appeared so I considered the action I took  a success.
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I use 99% rubbing alcohol. Works like a Hot Damn. Just wait until the pus starts to flow, usually about 2 days after you first discover it. It usually takes about 2 days for it to disappear.

Good Luck!

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