How can marijuana affect your body?


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There are many medical opinions on this subject at Webmd and the Mayo Clinic. However, you should also read the advocates side also as they have some good points also. I personally don't believe in all of the medical studies as I think they are biased. Cancer patients have had great success with marijuana s I myself can attest too. Depends on how you interpret the medical side and the advocates side.

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I agree, what people don't understand is that marijuana has been used in medicine for many many years. It is also currently being used in modern medicine....although most people are probably unaware of that.
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Webmd and Mayo are being paid by the government to give out biased information, I think.
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I think so too!
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However, its consumption can affect our body adversely yet people carry a myth that cannabis can only harm us instead it has the ability to fight against such a dangerous disease including cancer as well. Implementing on my friend's recommendation, I decided to mail order weed in Canada. Seriously, it helped me a lot. If you take it in limited amount then it doesn't affect your health.

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Hey. Not so long ago I turned for psychological help to a consultant psychologist on family issues and he recommended me a great natural remedy natural cbd oil 600 mg that you need to use every day and everything comes back to normal in a short time.

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Cbd products include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) that cause the effect of feeling euphoric. They are used to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, different disorders, etc. If you are looking for a good cannabis product, I recommend to pay attention to the best CBD oil for pain relief here.

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