How Can Cannabis Effect Your Body?


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• Adversely affects normal cell formation.
• Produces feelings of isolation and depersonalization.
• Produces shakes, lack of coordination and headaches.
• Makes any mental or emotional problem worse.
• Increases the heart rate.
• Has 50 percent more tar per ounce than tobacco.
• Decreases air flow and creates loss of lung capacity in little more than a month of regular smoking.
• Produces chronic irritation of nasal and lung passages.
• Creates precancerous changes in the lungs of smokers in their 20s.
• Suppresses sex drive and sexual performance with prolonged use.
• Can lead to impotence.
• Harms the developing fetus.
• Is associated with increased still births, neonatal deaths, decreased birth weight and abnormal reactions in children born to mothers on marijuana.
• Decreases brain response, affects thinking and brain function, creates confusion and problems with short and long term memory, and distorts perception of time.
• Causes blackouts.
• Impairs driving skills. Studies show brake response time is increased, concentration is decreased and risk taking is increased.
• Distorts peripheral vision, especially in the first two hours after using.
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Cannabis and medical marijuana have a lot of medical properties which can help people cure of diseases like cancer, PTSD, Alzheimer diseases and pain management. First, it has been proven to be effective treating certain types of cancer. Next, it has been proven to help with nausea. New research is showing how cannabis is helping veterans and others fight the effects of P.T.S.D. On daily life. One of the big issues facing veterans is abnormal sleep patterns. Also The evidence that THC helps fight Alzheimer’s is growing by the month. What they are determining is that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana reduce the level of beta amyloid in the brain. A key characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease. To know more about the treatment using Cannabis visit the official page of Damon Berg

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From what I know Cannabis doesn't have any bad effects on your body, it is harmless and you won't have any health problems if you take it. In some cases, Cannabis can be actually helpful for the body. Especially in particular medical conditions, more info on Licensed Producer Canada site

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It can effect our body by letting us lose concentration and we can forget some things.

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