Why am I so addicted to eating spicy foods???


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I know what you mean. I like spicy mild wings, tacos, burito's ,

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
I love em too but my stomach doesn't always agree ! lol
Cyber Tooth Tiger
Oh yeah i got watch too:)
kab kab
kab kab commented
cCause the older you get the less tastes buds you have in your mouth so you tend to like spicier foods as we age. And also spicey food rocks and taste great. but taste buds are like hair on your head the older you get the less you have of them.
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Kk polly answered

I like spicy foods because they taste good. Even though that first bite sets my mouth on fire it has a good taste. For instance even though I prefer my queso and burritos non-spicy I eat them when they're spicy anyways because they taste good. :) personally I'm not really a fan of the spicyness, just the good food underneath.

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