How do you make butterflies go away? (The ones in your stomach, you know, when you're nervous).


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Take a deep breath and try to put yourself in a positive and confident frame of mind. People can think about different things to get them feeling that way... Some people might find it powerful to imagine they've just won a sporting competition or something.

This is gonna sound weird, but when I'm nervous or anxious, I try to think about things like the size of the universe or how old the Earth is.

When I think about stuff like that, it makes my worries and anxieties seem very small.

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When I was an actor, we all did was Kass recommends, but some of us did another physical relaxer. Run in place as fast as you can until you're not quite out of breath - I mean TOP speed here, about five to ten seconds. Then jump about two or three feet, depending on your height, to a flat-footed dead stop. Repeat if necessary. Then do what Kass recommends, relaxation and visualization techniques. Might not take the nervousness/panic away for some people, but it'll really reduce it.

Then you stroll on to the stage, and you're in complete control after your first line. I've heard football players (American football), even professionals, say they have high anxiety until they get the first hit. Everyone gets butterflies; you're not alone.

If you're getting them out of thin air, though, you may have an actual anxiety disorder. Try all this other stuff, but if you're still getting them once a day or more (without cause), see your family doctor to rule that out. Good luck. Anxiety is a horrible feeling.
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Deep breathing in and out, take some time away from noise, whatever is causing you to be upset / nervous... just think it over slowly, don't get all worked up by thinking over and over again, because it makes you feel worse.

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