Do you believe that there is a point where body acceptance (Fat Acceptance movement, ect) becomes delusional and perpetuates being unhealthy?


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Taylor Brookes answered

Yes. I think the whole 'big is beautiful' thing is wrong. I support body confidence - people shouldn't think that they have to be as skinny as possible to be considered attractive - but 'big' is actually unhealthy more often than not.

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Well I believe all these sayings and trending hashtags such as 'big girls do it better' and meme's comparing slim girls to skeletal structures are just polluting our views of one another as women. Firstly, I am a rather slim girl myself and quite often I will go out wearing clothes that are not revealing (to avoid unwanted attention) & still receive dirty looks out on the street by other passers by usually adult females, I'm 15. 

This makes me feel as if I am violating everybody with my presence, which I know is absurd because that is exactly what I have been taught sub-consciously by society. For example the 'controversial' topic of the thigh gap I have always had one and I didn't even know what one was until I got into high school at which point other girls began to say they would do anything for one which I completely didn't understand it's not some abnormal feature on my body it's just part of me. 

What makes me sad is the corrupt society us girls are being brought up into where women fight for acceptance of their bodies through the media which influences us so much. We all need to realise everyone is human & we are all different and beautiful because of it there is no 'plus' size or 'too' thin we are all unique.

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Sure, it's the drive to accept one's body that can cause unhealthy behaviours. Ever meet someone with an eating disorder? What are we doing as a society that is perpetuating such a rash of unhappy children who hate their bodies? I know it wasn't like this when I was younger. There wasn't such a focus on what you looked like. When we were young we sat around and enjoyed our lunch, now when I walk through the junior high it's a contest to see who can eat the least. 

Why has food almost become taboo? That properly nourishing ones body became something to be ashamed about? Instead of bringing each other down to make ourselves feel better, why can't we bring each other up?

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