Is There A Dentist In Georgia That Accepts Medicare?


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Medicaid, in some states, does provide dental coverage but dentists who take it are few and far between.

If you have a Medicare advantage or supplement plan, or happen to live in a state that provides dental coverage through Medicaid, then you need to look at your insurance card or membership paper work and call the info number (customer service) to get a list of dentists who take the type of coverage you have. Once you get the list, you need to call each dentist to clarify whether or not they still take the type of insurance you have and find out whether or not they are taking new patients. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. The lists of participating dentists are often incorrect and out of date and the insurance companies tend not to be very helpful. It takes time and hard work.

If you find out that you don't have dental coverage or you can't find a dentist that takes what you have, I would suggest calling your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to see if they know about any low cost or free dentists in your area. You can also call colleges/universities in your area to see if there is a dental school anywhere nearby, they generally provide good services at a very reasonable cost.

The quickest way to find a dentist that accepts Medicaid is to ask other friends and family members who also have Medicaid. If you don't know of anyone, there are other ways to locate a provider. A full list of dentists can be found at
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As far as I am aware, unless they have changed the rules, Medicare does not pay for dental
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You'll find dentists listed at

Even if you don't find any that accept Medicare, it doesn't hurt trying to find a dentist that would do the work for a reasonable price.

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