What are birth control pills and why do people take them?


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They are pills that women can take (by prescription) to prevent getting pregnant.  Are you old enough to be on this site

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I had the same question when I was at "growing and changing stage" (I'm a girl) and she said it was for not getting pregnant and it can possibly stop period. But sadly 80% of birth control doesn't stop periods

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They are pills with synthetic hormones that makes your body go through the motions of a menstrual cycle but with a decreased chance if getting pregnant. Most pills are about 97% effective. Some people take them to protect against getting pregnant. Others take them help with medical issues that they have with their periods. Some use them to regulate them, or to ease pain, or to reduce PMS symptoms.

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Birth control pills are used to prevent pregnancy in women until the couple do not want. They are synthetic hormonal pill. Women on the birth control pill can also benefit with acne treatment, menstrual problem treatment.

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