I know teens sleep best between 12:00 & 10:00 but it there any way to change my body's sleeping schedule? I don't get a refreshing sleep because I wake up early and can't fall asleep till late.


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I believe that teens need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep each night. Perhaps you misunderstood the 10 and 12 reference.....?

I believe that you should listen to your own body's clock when it comes to sleep. There might be times where all you do is sleep and go to school.  That might signal you're going through a growth spurt. If you function better when you go to bed late and wake up early and that works for you, then go with that.

If you need to adjust your sleep time sometimes, that's ok. If you're having trouble falling asleep, be sure all electronics are off (it's the light from these that disrupt sleep).  Hope this helps.

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Ok. You're not being specific enough; it seems like you are leaving out some words. If you're doctor is saying you need between ten to twelve HOURS (word left out) and he feels it's best if you sleep between twelve (a.m.?) and ten (a.m.?) - when will you be attending school then? or going to a job? I'm going to let this stand as you want, but just saying that the way you posed your question and then your response is confusing.
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Sorry about the miscommunication. And I haven't been on to reply. The way you phrased it was correct and yes I have school so I was asking about my sleep clock but my problem is getting resolved thanks for the advice sorry to leave you hanging.
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That's ok - I'm glad things are working out.

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