I missed my period for 3 weeks now, this is the first time it happened after my survey for ovarian cyst more than year ago. I'm not sexually active. I also experience frequent heart burn?


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I have no idea how old you are and how long you've been having your periods. Also, you "did a survey for ovarian cysts";'ve been to a doctor for cysts or did you take an online survey to see if you have a cyst?

If you're a teenager or a girl in your early twenties, your periods might go through times where they are irregular. If you believe you have a cyst, go to your OB-GYN so this can be checked out.

If you are not sexually active, talk to your doctor about your periods. Don't rely on strangers from the Internet to diagnose you and don't rely on Internet surveys to determine a medical condition. See your doctor for any concerns you might have. Good luck.

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Do you mean surgery  for ovarian cysts? Do you know the cause if the cysts? My were caused be endometriosis so they came back. Could yours have come back? I would consult your doctor.

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it is not clear that what kind of problem you had while your ovarian cyst surgery, whether you are on some medication or nor, there can be various factors that is causing delay in the period. The best option is to consult your doctor.

good luck.

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