I Got My Period 18 Days After The First Day Of My Last Period. I Usually Get My Period Every 26-29 Days. I Am 20 Years Old. I'm Not On Any Medication. This Is The First Time Something Like This Has Happened. Is This Normal? Should I Be Worried?


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When experiencing any abnormalities with periods, the first thing to take into consideration is whether you have had any unprotected sex. If you have had sex without proper birth control then there is a chance that unusual periods can be a sign of pregnancy. If this is the case you should visit a doctor or take a pregnancy test. If you have not had unprotected sex and there is no chance that you could be pregnant then the abnormalities that you are suffering with are unlikely to be anything too serious. Irregular periods are not something that is one extreme or the other. Most women will experience irregular periods at some point in their life. Have you been under a lot of stress recently? Or have you had a sudden change in diet, lifestyle or a weight? All of these factors can have a big effect on your body and, in women, often the first thing that gets affected is their periods and menstrual cycle.

If you are suffering with any other symptoms, either extreme cramping or very heavy bleeding, then it may be worth seeking the advice of a doctor to find out what is causing it. Even if you do not have other symptoms, sometimes just having your mind put at ease by a doctor can have a good enough psychological effect on your body to sort itself out. If unusual periods are caused by stress, worrying about them can often make them act unusually for even longer. You may find that you are having irregular periods for a while. Often when this happens, doctors will recommend that you start taking the contraceptive pill. There are certain forms of the pill that are ideal for regulating periods and will reduce the likelihood of something like this happening in the future.
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Yes it's very scary I mean every 18 days? It's not something nomal. I just got my period today after 18days later and I'm so shocked. For a second I thought I might go crazy but after seeing these comments I'm in such relife!!! Thanks ladies!!!!
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The same thing happened to me...well it started in april when my period was every 24 days like clock work then all of a sudden it was eight days late now I just had it 18 days ago and I'm bleeding again. I don't know whats going on but its driving me crazy.
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Hey sweetie. The same exact thing started happening to me 2 months ago. Its just a change in your hormones and basically it can only be fixed by being on birth control. When I went to the GYN they placed me on the pill I took it for about a month and my period was back to normal. Sometimes your period will go back on its own but the birth control will bring it back to normal faster. Good luck sweetie . Go to your GYN they will help you out.
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Before I gave birth about a year ago my periods were every 30 to 35 days.  Then after I gave birth they were every 28 days and now I got it after 20 days this month.  It is worrying me.  Although I here it's normal but it is scary.  I wonder why this is happening.
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I'm not a doctor but it could be that your period could be changing it's days

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