What's the point of gastric bypass surgery or a gastric sleeve? Why is it getting so common?


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I call it the lazy way out. You'd save yourself the time of going through an operation and the complications that might appear due to it by paying someone to point a gun at your head every time you pick up another bite of food that's past your set caloric intake for the day.

Basically, they are operations that shrink your stomach so that you'll get bloated from consuming less food than normal. Apparently it helps people with "Conditions" lose weight because "diets don't work" for them.

The hilarity of it all is that people lose weight from the surgery because they're eating less calories. Geez! Couldn't they just eaten less calories before and without the surgery? But apparently "dieting doesn't work" and "conditions" complicate things while cutting out your stomach or sealing it fixes these "conditions".

I am completely against insurance covering these sort of operations. Send them home with a food scale, MyFitnessPal downloaded on their phone, and a gym membership. Much cheaper than tens  of thousands of dollars for an operation.

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That's my whole point. Why do that to yourself when you can just record your food and eat a certain amount everyday.

Shrinking your stomach and dieting are the EXACT SAME THING. You're doing it to eat LESS FOOD. That's all there is to it. EATING LESS FOOD. There's no evil magic hidden somewhere in your stomach. You lost the weight because you're not eating like you use to. Geee, kinda like DIETING!

Low carb, low fat, high protein, vegan, all-meat, I don't care. Less food is less food.

Oh please. I'm a moderator of a pretty popular dieting community for low-carb eating called r/Keto. I give advice, I learn from others, and I witness people's progress. I probably have more fat friends than you. However these people aren't as lazy to take shortcuts and put in their maximum effort everyday. They don't take the easy way out. They know they're in a bad position and wake up everyday determined to change their life. From measuring their food, recording it into MyFitnessPal, and tracking their caloric goals. To turning away cake, and then using their creativity to come up with something to replace their cravings. Every Friday they show their progress pictures and I'm proud of them.

You say I hate fat people, while I'm just one to point out the many fat fallacies on why they people become fat in the first place and why many stay fat. All the whining. All the excuses. Oh my genetics! Oh please...
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It's getting so common because obesity has become a huge (no pun intended) problem

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Gastric bypass surgery is probably no riskier than any other surgery a morbidly obese person might have. If you go to a reputable surgeon, one that has a lot of education available to you before getting to the actual surgery, and who does the prudent pre operative assessments (sleep study, psychological evaluation, etc.) you can be pretty sure you are in good hands. I had gastric bypass at age 47, BMI of 42, and had no problems. It took me a year to decide to have surgery because I knew I would be high risk for any surgery. I suggest you ketogenic diet foods through this you get more results about the ketogenic diet .

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