What is the best Medicine for Blood sugar control?


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Diet should be the first medication for blood sugar control, limited sugar and carbs. As far as different hypoglycemic medication, it really is going to be different for each individual. So, like many forms of medication, it's a trial and error elimination until you and your doctor find what suits you best.

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That's dangerous nonsense.
Ray Dart
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For anyone reading this now, The "dangerous nonsense" comment from me was referring to spam which has now been (correctly) deleted. Angela is a health professional, and knows far more about this stuff than most of us.
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Aww Ray, thanks!
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I read that coping with diabetes involves different steps, depending on which type a person has. For the Type II diabetic the solution may be diet and weight loss. But one doctor stated: “Realistically, my experience has shown that the likelihood of that happening is small. I am prepared in most cases to give my patients pills or even insulin from the beginning.” For the Type I diabetic, the solution of living with the disease is not so simple. Here, too, part of the answer may lie not in the medical treatment involved but in the individual’s attitude toward the diabetes. True, it is not a pleasant thing to look forward to daily injections, perhaps several times a day, nor to pricking the finger to check the blood sugar. Neither is it easy to make sure one’s life is organized to the extent that one eats similar foods at regular intervals at about the same time each day and that exercise and rest are properly planned. 

On the other hand, since emotions cause erratic blood-sugar levels, it could be counterproductive to become overly worried about the problem. It will not help to be in constant fear and to be wrapped up in compulsive care of the diabetes to the exclusion of normal activities. Though the life of diabetics must necessarily be regulated, the vast majority can live well-structured lives. May that be ever true of you!

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Drs have me on Metformin which has a side effect of weight loss as I have lost 30 lbs being on it for the last year, while controlling my blood sugar as Im borderline Diabetic but not truly diabetic

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