What Is The Best Homeopathic Medicine For A Foot-corn?


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its really works and my corn have been  cured  with the help of sulphur
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Do you tape on the banana peels every night and for how long?
...I'm assuming you would need to use a fresh banana peel every time?
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There are many trusted homoeopathic remedies for a foot-corn. One of these remedies is Sulfurin 200. This should be taken once a week. It does not have any side effects or complication, and will soon soften and eventually remove the corns.

Podiatrists also suggest having the corns cut off and cushions to be put on the areas which are likely to be affected during the process of healing. The next step in the process of treating a foot-corn is to have casts taken of the feet and to have them fitted to all the pairs of shoes which are worn by the person who has had his corns cut out.

Some other natural remedies for foot-corns, which are recommended and permanent, are skin-softening supplements which are rich in vitamins A and E, some Omega 3 oils, some herbs, such as graphiets, silicea and antim crud and aloe vera gel and/or castor oil.
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The best home remedy is to apply the Banana skin white layer part on the corn area. Do it for a week and see the results. It is very effective without any side effects
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A corn is usually the accumulation of dead skin cells in the bony parts of the body. A foot corn occurs in the foot, and can be a painful problem. While surgery can be a good option, the problem with it is that it does not take care of the basic underlying problem. Other allopathic medicine is also available, but there is always the risk of side effects with allopathic medicine. One good way to go is homeopathy.

Homeopathy provides a natural cure to problems without the risk of side effects. For foot corn, the best solution is to take the homeopathic remedy Sulfur in prescribed doses once a week. This medication softens the area where the foot corn has occurred and finally removes the corn, without any underlying side effects. The medication also ensures zero complications, and is the best possible homeopathic solution for foot corns.

Another solution is to get a homeopathic foot corn lotion and apply directly at the affected area. One such application is the Arbor Foot Salve. This medication contains Thuja occ. in a base preparation of 50% petroleum and an equal amount of lanolin. However, one thing about this lotion, as with most lotions, is that it is not advisable to apply it on an area that has an open wound.
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