How Rare Is A Uterus Eruption And Does It Happen More During Labour?


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Your question relates specifically to a medical information, which should be asked of your physician or another medical person with specific OB/GYN expertise.

Meanwhile, as to its rarity there are factors, which prevent a definitive response. Posterior uterine wall rupture does sometimes occur in a the process of a vaginal birth in a woman, having had one or more previous Caesarian sections. Eruption can occur, I understand due to scar tissue related to the C-section, which can weaken one or more areas within the uterine wall.

Since the eruption is apparently spontaneous, meaning without any specific warning, the results can be serious.
The mother can go into shock and the baby can go into respiratory failure based on information I found on this topic.

Therefore, all women who have had previous Caesarian sections, would be wise to discuss this topic with a physician prior to planning additional pregnancies.

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