What Is A Cleaning Of The Uterus And Do They Put You Under For It?


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The cleaning out of your uterus or dilatation and curettage, as it is also referred to in the medical profession is quite a common procedure for women to have. As it is a relatively minor procedure it can be carried out in one of your local clinics or at your local hospital whichever is more convenient for you. The type of anaesthesia that is used will actually depend on the doctor or surgeon that is carrying out the procedure; it is possible to have your uterus cleaned out under general or local anaesthetic. However, the most common, and definitely the most pleasant, is to have a general anaesthetic and be completely unconscious for the whole procedure. During the procedure your vaginal canal will be kept open with the use of a speculum and the actual opening to the uterus, the cervix will generally be anesthetized. Once this has been completed, the cervical canal will then be dilated or widened by using a metal rod and then a curette, which is a long thin handle with a loop on the end, will be inserted through the canal into the uterine cavity. Once inside, the uterus’s inner layer will be scraped away and the tissue samples will then be taken away for various tests. There are a number of different reasons that this procedure will be carried out but it is certainly not one that you should be concerned about, it is a basic procedure and should be painless. You may feel some discomfort after the procedure but you should be given some medication to help you with any pain that you may experience.

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