Long story short, I punched a wall from anger, I'm soo sure it broke my hand and my dad isn't home? What do I do to help it for the next half hour? (that's how long I have to wait to get to the hospital) I have ice on it RN.


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Lay flat on your back and rest hand on a couple of stacked up pillows. Make sure to put a towel between you and the ice. Don't want an ice burn. If your ice melts try frozen peas. Hope you feel better.

Consider getting a hanging bag outside. When things get crazy you can go outside and punch it like crazy. Great stress reliever. I use mine all the time.

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TY!!!! :c Are you okeh? You've been given good advice, keep ice on it, keep it elevated, don't let the ice directly touch your skin! Hang in there cutie!!! 👍

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Tyson Evans
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Haha xD I'm in the car rn.. On my way! (: Almost there actually, I'll text you and tell you how it goes.
Tyson Evans
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Well, I'll have to get a cast, won't I? >.> The pain is in my arm too >~< it's pretty bad... My hand went through the wall..
spunky monkey
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Tyson what happened? Why u do that for? U ok now?
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Better already? :>

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As well as icing it, keep it elevated above your heart. That is all you can do physically until a doctor sees you. The only other thing is to learn your lesson about controlling your anger.

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Tyson Evans
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Thanks.. Punching the wall was better than what I was going to do... I wasn't thinking clearly or like myself in that moment... :/
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Ice it. Keep it above heart level. P.S. I just did the same thing yesterday but I broke my hand and pinky finger. YOu will probably get a cast. Also, THat type of fracture is called a boxers fracture. It is from punching things. I didn't punch a wall I fell on the ice and landed on my fist.

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