I had unprotected sex August 16. My period was on the 20th. The first 3 days were light, then 4 days regular, then past 2 days light. I have bad back pain. What is going on?


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Congratulations! You're pregnant! Think of a name now. One for a boy and one for a girl. Have a few in mind. Who knows? You might have twins. Ask your friends and family what they think. The last thing you want is a pair of kids name Hemi and Chevy.

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You had a period that lasted nine days. That would lead one to believe they are not pregnant. Back pain could be anything. If you are truly concerned, see your doctor.

And while you are there, if you are not trying to conceive, ask about some birth control.

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If you had a regular period, you aren't likely pregnant.  If you miss your next or it is very light, take a pregnancy test.

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Congrats mummy to be :D

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