Nose bleed: Hold your head up or down?


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Megan goodgirl answered

I would say up cause if you lean your head don't it'll make it worse.

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Hold your head forward or down, pinch your nose tightly to help stop the bleeding, ice will also help ...but hold your head forward or down so you don't swallow blood which can make you in vomiting, then you'll have a whole other mess!

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I went on a first aid course a while back, and they instructed that you shouldn't keep your head up, as it forces blood into your throat and therefor into your stomach, rather than spilling out of your nose.

So it doesn't actually slow down the bleeding, it just means it ends up trickling into your stomach, which might not be great for you.

Instead, you should lean slightly forward and pinch the fleshy part above your nostrils.

Standing upright helps stem the bleeding, as does applying an ice pack.

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Emily Jackson , First of all do not Panic , then .., answered

Get some cotton , your T-shirt or any soft clean cloth and hold it softly and rush to a hospital immediately. Using ice cubes can also help a lot to easen the pain if any.

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Down because otherwise the blood goes down your throat, and you can only IMAGINE how 1. Gross that would be 2. You could get sick because of the blood going into your stomach.

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