Desperately searching for a reason why I am so tired, all the time, I could sleep 24 hrs a day, energy supplements don't work, thyroid is fine. Please help need suggestions to get these drs. Moving along?


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Your thyroid would have been my first could be anemic, or your vitamin B12 levels could be low. Diabetes can also cause fatigue.

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You need to give out more signs, it could be anything.

We can't just tell you something to do or suggest something without knowing the exact details of your physical & psychological circumstances. So the best option is to visit a very good doctor for that.

Maybe your thyroid is not fine & you're thinking wrong.

Maybe you having depression problems (becoming hopeless, finding no reason to fight & what interested you before doesn't interest you anymore)

Maybe you having bad nutrition, each human has their own circumstances according to their own body/DNA & metabolism, maybe you taking your nutrition wrongly that your body is answering it in a negative way, for instance "myself" . . If i get too much red meat or use too many oily products, even "Walnuts" . .i get exactly tired as much as you are, cause my body can't deal with red meat as much as other people might do, instead of passing it out, every single red meat i took turns fat tissues around my stomach, & also makes me feel heavy & takes my sharpness away, on the other side, oily products, by any kind, would makes me tired, makes me feel lazy & makes me feel like i'm suffocating, because i have blood concentration & my liver is oily (ever since i born) oily products, makes my blood worse, makes my metabolism low, & makes my body warmer, then i feel tired, lazy, low & also a tone of pimples& red spots will appear around my face & body!  .. I said all that to make you understand the concept of nutrition & your body's metabolism with your tiredness. Nutrition is too important, you might want to focus on it for a while & see if anything changes.

Another question is "What kind of supplements" ? This is another thing that "completely" relates to particular DNA/Metabolism of each person. All type of supplements won't work for everyone, maybe you taking the wrong type of supplements according to your own type of body. (since i don't know any details) i suggest you take 2 tablets of  B 1 300 & 1 tablet of B complex. Each morning after your breakfast, try it for few days, see if any changes happens. Vitamin B is a vitamin that energize our tissues, the point is that very simply it gets washed away by almost doing anything! Also some people generally have it less, so vitamin B supplements for these people becomes too necessary, vitamin B can fresh our tissues & makes it stronger,sharper & that makes us feel less tired & down.

Try massages, we always complain about our tiredness, but we never spend the right time on ourselves. Our body is too sensitive. (nutrition,supplements,our metabolism , muscles & everything!) the most important part of our body is "our back,lower back, from start to the end of our spine) our body owns very thin arteries there, arteries that some while to while, the blood stick there & gather together,& stick around& moves slower, massaging those spots makes the blood move around, freshen the muscles & refreshes the body's activity in that area, that literally makes us to breath & feel better.

Maybe you lack of sports & gym! Our body generally needs some freshen time of gym & muscle movements, take your time, sign into gym classes, do some sport activities or take time to walk like 30 min each early morning.  Physical movement of muscles makes us less tired & also it determine our psychological health as well.

Do something new with your life, maybe psychologically you're tired of your life, maybe you feel no special purpose or feel none progress in your current path. Change your path & try new exciting plans & make changes with your life, maybe that helps as well.

& so many factors  .. . See ? I dont know any details so it could be anything & i just decided to speak my mind about any possible thing from different aspects. You just need to explore & see where your problem could be & a doctor can makes it more clear for you.

Good Luck.

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Depression 😔

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Have you had your iron levels checked?

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Have you been tested for sleep apnea?  People with this condition stop breathing many times in one night and wake up feeling exhausted because they've been struggling to breathe all night and never got to the deep level of sleep. It's a very common condition and easily remedied.

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Have your Dr. schedule a sleep study for you.  All you have to sinus fall asleep and they can tell if you're falling into proper REM sleep or not.

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