What are the best ways to quit smoking?


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Here are 10 ways that I read that I hope would be of help to you:

(1) Be truly motivated. Have good solid reasons for wanting to quit—self-esteem; concern for your health, present and future; concern for loved ones affected by your dangerous habit.

(2) Set a date to quit, and follow it. Go cold turkey; it hurts fast, but it heals fast.

(3) Take positive action to break the habit. Break up any cigarettes in the house, and pour water over them. Get all your tobacco-smelling clothing cleaned. Start afresh, feel fresh!

(4) Avoid tobacco-laden atmosphere and smoking friends while completing total withdrawal from nicotine.

(5) Save the money you would have spent on tobacco and count it after a month! Buy something you really need. Or buy a gift for a loved one who can also rejoice in your victory.

(6) Keep yourself and your hands busy in those moments when you would normally reach for a cigarette. Chew gum (not nicotine gum) or suck mints when the desire to smoke gnaws at you. Instead of smoking, clean teeth after meals. Take a walk, write letters, sew, garden, repair things, clean the car, and so on.

(7) When feeling nervous or under stress, breathe deeply and slowly. Rather than reach for a cigarette, drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Liquids cleanse.

(8) Exercise within your physical limits. Check with your doctor first as to what is reasonable. Your improving physical condition will encourage you.

(9) If you drink alcohol: Cut down on alcohol intake. Alcohol and cigarettes often “go together,” since alcohol can trigger the desire to smoke. Cut the social occasions when this might happen. View tobacco ads critically—analyze their superficiality and duplicity. Don’t be taken in again.

(10) If you are a religious person: Pray earnestly to God for help and then act accordance with your prayers. The time that you really need God’s help is the moment that you are reaching for a smoke, is it not? That is the time you should pray to God to strengthen you.

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I had a friend who swears that Chantix is the only reason she was able to quit. She only used it for 2 weeks though, because she had some strange dreams.

For my mom she cut back and quit gradually. She thought about which cigarettes she needed to get through her day, To start off there were six. Three after meals, her two work breaks and one before bed. She smoked only those for a couple of weeks and then cut one out. She smoked 5 for week or two and then cut another one out. She kept doing that until she was down the one with her morning coffee. That was the hardest one to stop. At that point it was because it was part of her morning ritual. So she changed up her ritual. Instead having coffee and a cigarette after her shower, she drank her coffee before her shower and broke the habit.

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One of the best ways to quit smoking is to remove everything from your house that could trigger the desire to smoke, including matches, lighters and ashtrays. Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to quit, so it's important to reach out to your doctor because they will give you resources that can help you. Here is a great resource that will give you even more tips:

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Ashley Bennet , 5 years as a certified nutritionist at American Society for Nutrition, answered

I have some ways to help you reduce smoking effectively. My father has used one of them and now he is good at controlling his smoking.

1. Water

You might be surprised at this solution but it turns out to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to quit smoking. Widely considered as a natural detoxifier, water helps counteract some of the harmful impacts of tobacco as well as nicotine. Additionally, it can accelerate the process of fighting with the addictions and improve your overall health condition.

2. Chewing Gum

Whenever you want to smoke, do remember to chew gum because it can handle your craving for cigarettes. It makes your mouth feel like busy and gum’s flavor can reduce the craving. A study has suggested that if you can adopt this routine, it can prevent you from smoking for such a long time.

3. Oranges

This healthy fruit can increase the quantity of vitamin D in your body and control the craving caused by nicotine. Oranges are a citrus fruit which their smell and taste help ease the craving for cigarettes. It also supports the lung development that is affected due to smoking. Whenever felling craving for nicotine, you can consume an orange in its natural form or drink its juice to manage the craving in order to stop smoking.

4. Acupuncture

Another excellent help on how to quit smoking is acupuncture. When it comes to quitting smoking, acupuncturists can utilize a special technique in which they can insert needles into an array of five acupuncture points on your ears to help inhibit the symptoms of withdraw. You might want to have some regular acupuncture sessions for several first two weeks and then reduce the time of treatment gradually.

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