What are the best ways to put off hunger?


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Sleeping lots or staying inactive is probably the best way to keep hunger at bay. Also keeping busy helps the time go by.

Also it depends why you are doing it... If it's because you don't want to eat much, then I would suggest eating jello.

It's mainly water, but fills you up way more than drinking water would. Also it contains enough sugar that you will have enough energy without having to eat for a while.

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hey there , firstly im curious to see if this is due to dieting and possible weight loss or something else? , but the most traditional way that people say work , is dieting and putting off food . I have never really been chubbier or overweight but currently trying to gain weight , I am not too skinny but im not overweight either , I reckon that if you are trying to lose weight , putting off food isn't the best way to lose weight , it can work but theres a better more easier way I reckon, it is not to count calories because instead its tiring and exhausting , we eat at times when we re bored or thirsty , we aren't really hungry its just the fact we're bored .Also sometimes we see something soo appealing to eat maybe a cupcake , a energy drink , and it seems to hypnotize us into thinking we're hungry but in fact we aren't , when you try to diet its okay for you to eat once in a while something that may not be the healthiest thing out but make it a treat not a daily routine . To answer your question though , make sure you keep yourself hydrated and exercise , people say exercising makes your body hungry but I think it helps your body to stay energized and strong , usually when we're just laying down and watching television we seem to reach for the food more than exercising so I suggest try not to have too much free time that you're reachin for the food aha

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thanks! yeah im dieting.. i dont know if im overweight because i have no scales, but i know im not under.
before i used to just sit there and eat endless buscuits coz i was bored so i think keeping myself busy will help!;)
thanks!!! ;)
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great ! hope it goes well :D
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WATER. Water water water water. Water helps to fill you up, so drinking it with a meal will fill you faster, therefore you'll eat less. When you feel hungry, try drinking at least an 8 oz. Bottle/cup and wait 20-30 minutes and see if you're hungry then. A lot of the time, especially when we're bored, upset or around food, we tend to think we're hungry when we really aren't, so drinking water or waiting a little will let you know if you are actually hungry or just want food. My aunt taught me that years ago and believe it or not, I've found that is has helped. Things like jello, broth, water ice and ice pops can also help. Keeping yourself busy or exercising works for me as well. Usually after working out, people are hungry, but for me, I always focused on how good I feel that I don't feel hungry. Lastly, a trick that my mom showed me, if you brush your teeth, you're less likely to want food because you don't want to ruin the fresh breath flavor/your clean teeth. These are just some things that I do, they may not work for everyone but I'd certainly give them a try. Good luck!(:

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