Should cannabis be legalized?


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I think so, at least medically.

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Hi Gator! It's been a while, Chemo knocking me around a lot, i have not been online much lately.

I agree. As a sufferer of Chronic Pain i see a lot of other patients of mine use alcohol as medication & we all know the damage that alcohol can do to the human body. I have never smoked all my life but i think i would consider taking cannabis for pain relief. I have spoken to about a dozen people who take cannabis (illegally) for pain relief & they say cannabis greatly diminishes the pain. Thanks for your input.

I hope you & your family are well.
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I am sorry you are having a tough time with chemo. I am hoping that means it is doing its job.

We are doing well and just got back from celebrating my mom's birthday. She turned 75 and wanted to go to Hawaii, so that is what we did. It was beautiful and interesting. We even got to see a Hawaiian Monk Seal which is highly endangered. They say there are only about 1,100 left in the world.

As for the medical cannabis, I have signed the petition to put it on our state ballot next year. It was on last year and received 54% of the vote but in Florida you need a 60% vote to get it legalized. I am hoping with more education and with the next election being a presidential one, more people will vote for it. I have a few relatives who suffer from chronic pain and another who suffers from anxiety. I believe it can help both of them.
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Sounds like you had a great time in Hawaii. I went to Hawaii in 1988 on a cruise & loved it. The people seem genuinely friendly. As for Chemo no need to worry i am made of tough stuff & us Aussies keep picking ourselves up when life tries to knock us down. It doesn't matter how many times that life tries to knock you down. What is important is how many times you keep getting up & moving on. I'm in the second round of 3 rounds of Chemo,not fun but it seems to be working.

As for cannabis , it's still illegal in Australia. Apparently with the countries that have legalised it the amount of cannabis that they give to the patients is extremely small. Here in Australia cannabis is widely available & the police hardly even bother charging people because it is easily obtained. Alcohol is far more dangerous than cannabis.
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Absolutely not. I think its a ridiculous idea and im appalled that governments are even discussing it. Honestly, if I was in charge, smoking would be banned and alcohol would have restrictions.

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I was talking about The Z. ,Tiger. Your comment wasn't rude at all (and thank you for that :) ).
I would class smoking as a drug (because that's exactly what it is) and put the same penalties on it that drugs have. With alcohol, I would probably raise the age limit and shops would have to check ID and they would have to right to refuse to sell alcohol to anyone if they suspect they are going to give it to someone underage.
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Uh ... Taylor ... in most of the USA, the age limit on purchasing alcohol is already 21 - and you have to show ID - and states routinely audit stores, by using underage people attempting to purchase - and stores get in trouble for selling to anyone under 21. (those states that have lower than 21, you still have to be an adult - old enough to serve in the military should be old enough to make choices such as buying alcohol)
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I don't live in the US so that doesn't really affect me. Over here it's 18, and honestly, most twentysomethings are really immature anyway.
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Yes, I think it should be. I've had a prescription card for it for years now and it works a lot better than most harsh pain meds ! As far as for recreational use ? Yes, it should  be legalized for that also. Has a lot less tar and such as cigarettes and the taxes alone would really help the economy. Look at all the taxes on alcohol, cigarettes , etc. They are all proven to be much more harmful to you that Cannabis. Besides, it would put a lot of drug dealers out of business and help to collapse that whole industry. Yes, it's about time to wake up and legalize it. Ever read anything about a fatal car accident from smoking weed? I don't think so.

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Yes it should be legalized. With legalization come government control and purity of product. Most street drugs have additives which are more harmful than the intended drug. Medical Marijuana is a great pain reliever without the harmful side effects of conventional pain relievers.

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if cannabis was made legal.. It would put a lot of weed dealers out of business which could be a good thing (people could buy it in a safer way). And people are gunna smoke it whether its legal or not so they might as well make it legal. (i personally. Am never gunna smoke it)

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I think it should be up to the individual states ... As it was before racist panic over black/Hispanic musicians "corrupting" white women, caused it to be outlawed at a federal level.

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