If drugs are so bad and kills people then why do people do them?


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Some people are just curious into taking them or, they are pressured but after that they become addicted. Kinda stupid really

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Simple, most people are looking for a way to escape their humdrum lives and most turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with it without ever realizing how addictive both can truly be. Many people especially young folks think theyre invincible and no harm will ever come to them (we all go thru this , usually in teen years) so they experiment and when once isn't enough they try for more and use higher dosages and still nothing bad happens so they go for more and the drugs and alcohol will and does kill eventually. Many use this as a coping mechanism to deal with bad things that happen in their lifes like a break up, a death of a loved one, lost job, etc. But these are really only a Band-Aid fi and doesn't last long and the problem still exists after the feeling is long gone. Life being easy and always fun and only good things happen has never been promised to  any of us ever and never ever will be so we just find our own ways to deal with it and hopefully move on.  Life is life and it goes on with or without us  but why cut it shorter than it already is

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Teens often try them because they think they are invincible and nothing bad can happen to them. They and adults often find they make them numb and they don't feel anything bad, or give them a false sense of happiness. The truth is they block all emotions and they never learn how to deal with their actual feelings. They keep using to avoid dealing with life. And some people just have addictive personalities. All of which leads to someone using more and more drugs until they kill themselves, either from an overdose, or damaging their bodies they no longer function properly. Others make the stupid decision to drive and kill themselves and all too often others that way. I personally don't get how anyone can let it get that far, but I have had friends and family members that have.

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Because people are stupid

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I don't know, but I didn't get to say anything before my father died. I've done meth, heroin, weed, etc and never had an addiction. They all were spaced out by a year.

I'm not proud of it, though. 

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I never really thought much of it but i have no cravings, no repeats ect. I never told anyone because i didnt think people would believe me. I did one "new hard drug" every year. The weed stuff was just whenever i felt like which i do not like weed, ive done a couple times. Last year was meth, one year before that i did heroin, and it continues on. Idk i just think its really fun for me this way , planning all those insane drugs.

I know im crazy! but now whats next is what im wondering. Now that you mentioned it.
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Why did something happen you with drugs?

Yes... im stupid^ The only drug i over-did more then 1 day, reducing my control, was stimulants. I sometimes binged on them for 2 days in a row. BUT I stopped afterwords. Last one was Meth, an insane & intense LONG experience. Like no other drug i the most crazy s**t on it! I mean, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.

NO ONE should try it imo. its the most manipulating drugs Ive done and it can shatter people emotionally and become devastating to the more new comers. When done right, I felt so good that id do anything at all with no concern. It is so intense.

But i made sure to completely remove myself from anyone or contact with people^ before hand. And gave the bag to a friend right after taking it (for safety obviously) Im never going to do meth again though, ive done many drugs but meth is a huge experience SO LONG and SO intense. At the end of the day, it is not something to repeat: too manipulating, too much to handle, and also discredited just based on the crazy things I did while on it.

But I seem to have lost my interest in drugs, for quite a while now. I honestly think im done with them. Otherwise I would be doing them and experimenting! i havent thought about them till now, you reminding me.

And drugs only kill those who has no control of their boundaries. Just like criminals, they eventually get caught once after their confidence is too high. They start to get sloppy and dont maintain control.
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I did* the most crazy things^ (typo)
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They are too addictive. Basically blindly addictive. Someone should make a horror movie about drugs to discourage people from doing drugs. Any creepypasta writers reading this, make a creepypasta about that. Cuz I don't think any movie makers will see this, that's way too unlikely, of course.

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i mean people should watch the horror movie BEFORE they do drugs, to avoid the risk ov ever doing it.
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Yes but that will not be effective. You know the war on drugs? its hopeless and a failure. How come no "war on homeless people"? nah, no money is in that!
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But there are adverts on TV to do what you are talking about. Havent u seen them on tv?
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This behavior usually cannot be modified by a simple
“rational thought” process, nor can it be understood by a “rational thought”
model of human behavior.

Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive
engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

Addiction is a
disorder of the brain's reward system which
arises through transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms and occurs over time
from chronically high levels of exposure to an addictive stimulus (e.g.
Morphine, cocaine, sexual intercourse, gambling, etc.).

See this for more
information:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Addiction

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Being a ex alcoholic addict I have one thing to say alcohol is a drug and everyone is trying to escape some pain only to create new pain. 16 yes sober

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