I've injured my finger. Will I be ok? (please see page for details)


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I did something similar when I was younger. A knife went right through 3 fingers of mine right above the bone. It took about 2-3 years for me to get the sensation back in my finger tips. Until then they were just numb feeling. But now that the nerves have grown back they feel normal again.

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Ok so I cut my finger pretty deep that you can see the blood cells. It stung so bad and still hurts like heck. There is a skin flap and its deep but I can't feel it or anything. The skin around it and my whole finger feels weird and tingly. I think that I needed stitches but I didn't get any. My mom put a metal stick on it and taped it so it could stay straight and heal and it's ok. Like I cut my finger on tuesday and it's still not fully closed but it's getting better. But I still can't feel my finger. I cut off so much that I was wondering when it's fully healed that I'll be able to feel it again. Do you think I should've got stitches cuz last time I cut my finger that deep I got stitichse but I dint this time. But will I be able to feel my finger again? My finger is all bruised and black and bloody and weird and tingly and painful is this normal for a really deep cut? Cuz I can't feel it and it's really bugging me. Help!

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It would be normal for a knee, never heard about a finger like that though.

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Did you hit the nerve? My mother lost feeling from a glass window, she never regained feeling in them. So, if you cant feel it I think it will heal fine... anyone els wana chime in here?  im not doc lol!

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Sounds like you probably should have had sutures....that being said, the cut will heal on its own. Keep it clean....keep it clean.....keep it clean! Cover it with a bandage and change it every day....more frequently if it gets yucky. The feeling should return, it may take some time though...but then again, it may not return.

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Yes, I just broke my finger and I am fine. If there is a cut that is deep, go to the er and get it checked out and you might need stitches or glue. They dont hurt.

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