I jumped off a balcony on to a couch and a piece of decorative wood came out of the staples on one side. It doesn't even look bad just I feel bad. And it was in a club house. We went on with are day hoping no one will notice. What should i do?


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Offer to pay to have it fixed or work off the cost of having it fixed.

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Johnathon Gurden
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No one owns it tho?
PJ Stein
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So this clubhouse is some abandoned building that you pick up doscarded furniture to put in it? If that is the case it is junk and you shouldn't worry about it. If the clubhouse belongs to someone, the furniture inside it belongs to them.
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It sounds like a mistake. Surely you weren't trying to damage the couch, but as a result of your actions it was damaged. The fact that you feel bad says something really good about you. You have at work in you the gift of conscience that our Creator, Jehovah God has endowed you with. Our conscience is an inward realization or sense of right and wrong that excuses or accuses us. This valuable safety device when trained properly and adhered to will serve you well in life, helping you avoid things that can be damaging to yourself and/or others. To ignore it, however, can cause it to become unfeeling. Because of your concern for others, you feel bad. If you mention it to the owners of the facility and the furniture, it is possible that they will hear, dismiss it and see it for what it really is an honest mistake. More importantly, you will feel better and will still have good reliable use of your gift of conscience. This course will allow you to do as Hebrews 13:18 encourages us to do, "have an honest conscience....and conduct ourselves honestly in all things."

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